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  Number of Contacts   4 / 8 +PE
  Electrical Date   80A / 16A 400 V
  Working Current   80 A / 16 A
  Working Voltage   400 V
  Rated Impulse Voltage   6 KV
  Pollution Degree   3
  Insulation resistance   = 1010?
  Flammability acc. to UL94   VO
  Material   Glassfield Rainforce Plastic
  Material   Copper Alloy
  Surface   Hard Silver Plated
  Contact Resistance   = 3 m? 1 m?
  Screw terminal
  mm2   1.5 - 16 mm2 / 0.5-2.5 mm2
  Tightening Torque   0.8 Nm / 0.5 Nm
  Material   Die-Cast aluminum
  Surface   Powder Coated RAL 7037
  Locking Element   Zinc plated / Thermoplastic Corrosion resistant stainless stee
  Temperature Range   -400C … + 125 0C
  Degree of Protection
  For Coupled Connector   IP65
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